Guide: Plastic Free Picnics

Since August is the month of picnics, on the beach, in the parks or by the mountains, we wanted to create an easy guide to having a plastic free picnic!

Guide to a Plastic Free Picnic

  1. Planning is really important when it comes to reducing waste. Avoid last minute trips to the corner shops for snacks to pad out your picnic.

  2. Remember a reusable picnic basket - might seem obvious but investing in a great picnic basket will make it easy to head out to your favorite spot whenever you want.

  3. Homemade food is the best way to avoid unnecessary packaging. Bake some cookies, pack your own sandwiches, bring some healthy vegetable snacks along with you. Check out Plastic Free July's blog post for some great ideas on what you can pack for your trip!

  4. When shopping for food go for unpackaged, seasonal options, bring your own bags and containers, and buy local.

  5. Ditch the disposables! No more disposable plastic cutlery, not when there are great reusable, eco friendly alternatives.

  6. Don't forget to fill your reusable water bottles and bring enough along for all the family.

  7. Say no to plastic wrap/cling film and avoid using tin foil that can be hard to recycle, instead opt for beeswax wraps which can be reused over and over again. 

If you are looking for a really great, visual guide then we highly recommend checking out the Whale & Dolphin Conservation's downloadable and printable guide here.

We were also inspired by this video by Hubbub about the Great British Picnic! Be sure to check it out:


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