Grab Ye Jolly Roger, Its Talk Like A Pirate Day!

All Hands Hoay! Avast Ye Landlubbers & Sea Dogs, Today We Weigh Anchor And Set Sail For The Horizon! 

Ye Ready To Talk Like A Pirate?

Here are some key phrases you need to embrace to become a pirate:

  • All Hands Hoay - Everyone get on the deck
  • Blow the Man Down - A command to knock down or kill an enemy
  • Cleave Him to the Brisket - Cut a man nearly in half with a sword
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales - The reason given for leaving no survivors
  • Batten Down The HatchesTie everything down and put stuff away for a coming storm.
  • Avast Ye Scallywags - Listen Up newbie sailors/ pirates
  • Three Sheets to the Wind - Someone who is quite drunk - One sheet is tipsy (mildly drunk) through to four sheets which is unconscious.
  • Run a Shot Across the Bow - Send a warning shot

Avast Ye Scallywags

Why not put together some of your own sentences with the longest list we have put together yet for Talk Like A Pirate Day:

  • Ahoy - Hello
  • Avast - Stop or Desist
  • Avast Ye - A command to pay attention or listen up
  • Aye - Yes!
  • Binnacle - Where the compass is kept on board the ship
  • Black spot - Death threat
  • Blaggard - Someone who cannot be trusted
  • Blimey! Surprise/ Shock
  • Booty - Treasure
  • Buccaneer - A pirate
  • Cackle Fruit - Chicken Eggs
  • Clap of Thunder - A shot or strong alcoholic beverage
  • Carouser - A reckless person, someone who drinks too much
  • Cutlass - A curved sword
  • Dance the Hempen Jig - To hang someone
  • Davy Jones' Locker - The bottom of the sea
  • Duffle - A sailor's belongings
  • Dungbie - Rear end
  • Grog Blossom - Someone with a red nose from drinking too frequently, alcoholic
  • Head - Toilet on a ship
  • Hearties - Friends
  • Heave Ho - Put your back into it
  • Holystone - Sandstone that was used to scrub the ships
  • Hornswaggle - To cheat
  • Jolly Roger - A pirate flag
  • Land Ahoy - Land spotted
  • Landlubber - A land dweller
  • Lily-livered - An insult for someone who is a coward
  • Loot - Stolen money or belongings
  • Marooned - Left alone on a desert island
  • Matey - Buddy/ friend
  • Me - My
  • Monkey - A small cannon
  • Mutiny - When the crew revels
  • Pirate - Robber of the sea
  • Plunder - To steal
  • Privateer - Government appointed pirates
  • Run a Rig - Play a joke or trick someone
  • Savvy - To understand
  • Scallywag - An insult for inexperienced pirates
  • Scourge - A troublemaker
  • Scuttle - Sink the ship
  • Sea Dog - An experienced sailor
  • Sea Legs - Sailing without being seasick
  • Set Sail - Head out
  • Shanty - Sea songs
  • Shark Bait - A dying sailor
  • Shipmate - A fellow sailor
  • Shiver Me Timbers - Crikey/ OMG
  • Smartly - Quickly
  • Son of a Biscuit Eater - An insult
  • Strike Colors - Lower a ship’s flag to indicate surrender
  • Swashbuckle Have a daring and romantic adventures
  • Take a CaulkTake a nap
  • Thar She Blows - There's a whale! Something you call when you see a whale
  • The Black Spot - Threat of death
  • Walk The Plank - When someone is made to walk off a wooden board over the ocean, ultimately resulting in drowning.
  • Wench - A woman
  • Weigh Anchor - Raise the anchor
  • Ye - You

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