Global Recycling Day 2019

Global Recycling Day was created on March 18th 2018 to help raise awareness for, and celebrate, the importance recycling plays in securing the future of our planet through sustainability. It is the day that the world comes together, and put the planet first.

Check out below some of the common mistakes that are made when recycling:

  1. Dirty Containers - This is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to household recycling. It is important to make sure that you have washed out containers that you plan on recycling. One dirty take-away tub can contaminate a whole batch.

  2. Pizza Boxes - It was once thought that you had to remove the greasy parts of pizza boxes before recycling them, however now most recycling centres will accept all part of the pizza box!

  3. Yoghurt Cups - Many yoghurt pots are made from difficult to recycle plastics and there are rules imposed in many areas about used plastics. Be sure to check with your local rules and maybe consider buying yoghurts in glass pots or even making your own!

  4. Bottle Caps - Assume that plastic caps are recycled along with the plastic bottles? Not always, depending again on local area rules, some areas won't accept plastic bottle caps.

  5. Disposable Coffee Cups - We've talked about disposable coffee cups before, but most are lined with polyethylene which helps the cup keep its shape despite the liquid and heat. It also means that they cannot be recycled.

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