Global Ocean Treaty - Protecting Marine Life

Protect the Ocean & Save the Sea Turtles

Do we need to protect the ocean?

Did you know that the seas provide half of the worlds oxygen? As well as food for a billion people and are home to many of the most amazing wildlife on the planet.

Thanks to pollution, climate change and destructive industries such as mining and drilling, our oceans are in more danger than ever before. We urgently need to turn the tide on these threats to our blue planet! 

Scientists have come together to devise a whole new rescue plan for our oceans, and it’s up to all of us together to ensure that it happen. Check out the proposal and see how it would impact our oceans here. 

Greenpeace want to create ocean sanctuaries that cover at least 30% of the ocean. Were you aware that only 5% of the world's ocean is currently protected? The oceans face threats from climate change, pollution both plastic and oil, fisheries and sustainability. We need a system that ensures that countries around the world are all on the same page about policies and protection that need to be implemented.

Sign the Petition - Protect Our Oceans

Click here to sign the petition - Support the Global Ocean Treaty

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