Global Ocean Treaty - Protect The Ocean

It is time for the whole world to come together and start protecting the ocean.

Earlier this year in March, Greenpeace called for the first, ambitious, Global Ocean Treaty with the aim of providing our oceans with the vital protection that they need.

Why do we need a Global Ocean Treaty?

71% of our planet is oceans, the seabeds and open oceans cover around 230 million square kilometres. These oceans belong to all of us and are all of our responsibilities but they are at risk. This is first and foremost why a Global Ocean Treaty is so important.

Did you know that currently only 1% of the ocean are protected!

The oceans face threats from climate change, pollution both plastic and oil, fisheries and sustainability. We need a system that ensures that countries around the world are all on the same page about policies and protection that need to be implemented.

For even more information we suggest checking our Greenpeace, the driving force behind the treaty.

Sign The Petition - Protect The Ocean

What will the Global Ocean Treaty do?

Essentially, the global ocean treaty will create a global system to implement and create ocean sanctuaries around the world. The United Nations have begun developing a new set a rules in an effort to protect the oceans inhabitants. The aim is to create set guidelines for governments to follow to create and maintain ocean sanctuaries. Protecting our oceans for future generations.

Read more about the plans for the treaty here.

Show Your Support

If you want to support the Global Ocean Treaty then please take a moment to sign Greenpeace's petition. If you want to see our oceans protected, sign the petition. Think you know someone who would want to support this treaty? Share it with friends and family, the more support this petition receives the more impact we will have!

Click Here To Sign The Petition

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