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We often get asked by our customers how they can get involved and volunteer. In our last blog post about getting involved we talked about how you can make changes in your own personal life to help the oceans. You can read about that here:

One of our main principles at Ocean Helper is raising awareness for cleaner oceans! So if you have already started to make changes in your life to reduce your single use plastic waste then perhaps you are looking to get more actively involved. 

Get involved

One of the best ways you can help the ocean is by going out into your local community and raising awareness for cleaner oceans, become an active Ocean Helper in your community.

Here are some of the ways you can do this:

Organising beach cleans -

This is one of the easiest ways you can make a big difference, not only to helping our oceans but also in your community. Gathering a group from your local town to head down to your nearest beach is not only a fun day out, but an excellent opportunity to educate people and demonstrate the damage being done to the sea and coast line.

Beach Clean

Sign up with environmental organisation

Get involved with environmental organisations, this can be on a local or a global level. On a local level you can get involved with them to do a range of volunteer work and get to know other people in your community who also share the same passion and drive for the environment as you do! 

Oceans Organisations

Recycling -

If you don't already its time to start looking into serious recycling options for paper, cardboard and tins. Also look into composting, especially if you have a garden, as it is a great way of repurposing food waste and growing your garden.


Repurposing old items -

Repurposing, reusing and up-cycling have become all the rage across the internet, it's not only a great way to get creative but also super environmentally friendly. Try to find a new use for something, rather than throwing it out.


Donate, don't throw away -

Rather than clearing out those old clothes and tossing them into the trash why not take them to your local charity shop or donation point so someone else can make use of them.

Charity Shop

Encourage local restaurants to move away from single use plastics

Campaign in your community and speak with local restaurant and shop owners to encourage them to move away from single use plastic. 


Educate your children -

The children are our future, so their education is crucial to the future of our oceans. Teaching them about the importance of our oceans and how to keep them clean and protect is not only very important but one of the easiest ways you can help shape the oceans future. 

Educate Your Children

Educate your friends

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools we have, so sharing information with your friends and family is one of the simplest ways you can help. We have easy to read infographics on a range of topics that you can download and share with your friends.


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