Food Waste Week

Feb 28, 2021
Food Waste Week

What is Food Waste Week?

WRAP has started Food Waste Week in an effort to demonstrate that wasted food is an issue that affects everyone and the planet. They are working with a number of retailers, restaurants, local authorities and manufacturers during this week to raise awareness and look at what can be done to reduce the amount of food waste. 

Read more about Food Waste Week and its goals here.

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Food Waste Statistics

  • Did you know that in the UK households waste a shocking 6.5 million tonnes of food each year, of that around 4.5 million is edible!

  • In the USA 40% of food gets thrown out, which equates to $162 billion in waste annually. 

  • When it comes to greenhouse gases if global food waste was a country it would be the third largest polluter in the world, only beat by China and the USA. 

  • Food that isn't eaten uses 25% of the worlds fresh water, and takes an area larger than the size of China to grow it all. All that food just thrown out!

  • Less than a quarter of the food wastes in the UK, USA and Europe could feed the world's 1 billion hungry people.

  • Of all the food produced over a third goes to waste. 

  • The most commonly wasted food is fresh vegetables and salads making up 28% of waste, followed by drinks at 15%, baked goods at 11%.

  • The most wasted food item in the UK that could have been eaten are potatoes! With bread and milk in second and third.

  • During the first UK lockdown there was a reduction in food waste by about one third and the knock on effect has been that people are more conscious about what they are buying and what they need.

  • Rotting waste in landfills creates greenhouse gases which contributes to climate change.

Get more great information and up to date statistics over on Cooked Best's website, they have some fabulous graphs and even more in depth information.


What Can Be Done To Reduce Food Waste?

There are so many ways that you can easily reduce food waste at home, here are a few of our favourites: 

  1. Meal Planning: By planning your meals for the week you can ensure that the food that needs to be eaten first is and prepare what ingredients you need in advance.

  2. Shop Smart: Think about what you are going to need for the week and make a list and stick to that list. 

  3. Cool Your Fridge: Did you know that many household keep their fridges too hot? Many keep their temperatures at 7°C which is bad news for milk which will perish quickly if not stored correctly. Best practice is to keep your fridge under 5°C, make sure to shut the door and get a thermometer to keep an eye on the fridges temperature.

  4. Optimise Your Freezer: Freezers are an excellent resource, perfect for storing leftover for a later date. Made too much sauce for dinner? Allow it too cool, store it in a sealed jar or tub and pop it in the freezer for the next time. Found some fresh fruit or veg that has been reduced in the shop but you don't want to use it on the day? Pop it in your freezer for the next time smoothies or use later. Read about what you can and can't freeze here. 

  5. Portion Sizing: Knowing portion sizes and planning meals around them massively reduces food waste! Some food waste comes from cooking too much food, but there are easy ways to avoid this, largely by following appropriate portion sizes. Love Food Hate Waste have a great portion calculator here.

A great resource that we love and use frequently is Love Food Hate Waste! They have an incredible website that can help you make small easy changes to reduce food waste at home.

Love Food Hate Waste

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