Mass Produced and Low Quality - Flip Flops Dominating The Oceans...

Many of us love to slip on a pair of flip flops when we are bound for the beach. But, have you ever stopped to think about what happens to those flip flops that get lost to the ocean, or damaged and doomed to the land fills?

What's the problem with flip flops?

Flip flops are well loved around the world, crowned the footwear of the beach. For half of the worlds population, these are the only type of shoe that people can afford. They will mend them with duct tape until the flip flops are no longer usable and then discard them in general waste. With the average lifespan of a pair of flip flops expected to be around 2 years, that's a lot of plastic waste that will ultimately end up in our oceans.

The effects of this can already be seen today. On the East African coast it is estimated that around 90 tons of discard flip flops are washed up on beaches each year! This is not only an eyesore but also hazardous to the health of wildlife and humans.

Back in March this year scientists found a half eaten flip flop in the poop of an endangered giant Indian tortoise. This discovery was made during a huge clean up operation on the isolated Aldabra atoll, one of the most important turtle nesting islands in the Indian Ocean.

More information here from Blue Ocean Network.

Learn more about the history of flip flops here...

Have you heard of Ocean Sole?

Thankfully, there are amazing companies out there, like Ocean Sole, doing incredible work in the fight against plastic pollution.

Ocean Sole has been working hard out in Kenya, cleaning over 1,000 tonnes of flip flops from the ocean and the waterways. Their founder was inspired in 1999 by children making toys from the old flip flops that were washing up and has since grown this incredible organisation. In 2017 they collected 520,000 flip flops from the beaches of Kenya and they continue to turn them into works of art.

Half Price! Opal Ocean Flip Flop Necklace

June 20th the world celebrates Flip Flop Day, but this year we want to encourage you to avoid the plastic flip flops that pollute our oceans. Make a pledge today to buy ocean friendly footwear, many places still supply and make canvas shoes, free from plastic and often more durable and comfortable than plastic flip-flops!

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