Fighting Against Littering!

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Stop Littering

The Battle Against Litterbugs.

Shockingly 48% of people admit to dropping litter. According to the UK government the top three most commonly-found type of litter in the Great British Spring Clean of 2018 were

  1. Non-alcoholic drinks (found by 77% of participants)

  2. Alcoholic drinks (found by 61% participants)

  3. Fast-food litter (found by 54% participants)

This is a serious problem that is progressively getting worse, it is estimated that a person will carry litter for 12 paces before dropping it on the floor! And in the USA nearly $11.5 Billion is spent on cleaning up litter!

Litter is not just an eyesore in areas of outstanding natural beauty but they pose a risk to wildlife who might accidentally ingest it or get tangled in it. People who litter clearly have no regard for the environment and need to be educated in the impact their actions have. Thankfully to counteract the litterbugs there are wonderful litter pickers in communities around the world who volunteer in their own time to pick up and remove other people's litter in an effect to keep our area clean.

Not My Litter

Litter Picking Safety

Our Head of Communication does almost daily litter picks when she walks her dog, you can follow her over on Instagram at @luna_the_litter_picker where she uploads her frequently what she collects. Everything that can be recycled goes into the recycling and the rest into a bin.

Safety is very important!

  • Remember your gloves - protect yourself when collecting litter, you never know what bacteria you might pick up along with the litter.

  • Litter pickers - Some local councils will let you hire a litter picker for litter picks or you can buy one to use as and when you need it. These are great to minimize contact with litter and to reach litter that has been thrown out of reach!

  • Face masks - If you are going to be litter picking in an area that can get crowded please make sure you stay safe and follow any measures put in place by your local governments in an effort to reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

The Ocean Cleanup

It's September and we are donating 10% of our profits this month to The Ocean Cleanup, who are working day in, day out to clean pollution out of the world's oceans. They have targeted the garbage patches, and are also focusing on preventing more ocean pollution by targeting some of the biggest rivers feeding into the ocean to stop plastic at the source.

Read more about their work and the different projects they are running here.

The Ocean Cleanup

Support The Clean Up This September!

For September we have brought back our Ocean Helper Baseball Caps that are worn by ocean lovers around the world on beach cleans!

For a limited time you can get your very own 'Worn' Ocean Helper Baseball Cap for Half Price! Usually $24.95 each, this month they are just $12.49, or when you buy a 4 pack of baseball caps, each cap is just $9.99 each!

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