Entanglement Kills 300,000 Cetaceans Each Year

Getting entangled in fishing gear is one of the biggest threats for whales and dolphins around the world, so much so that it is estimated to cause at least 300,000 deaths each year!

Fishing gear that is left in the ocean either intentionally because it is damaged or mistakenly through an accident or adverse weather, will continue to catch, injure and kill marine wildlife for years. Larger species such as whales and dolphins are at greatest risk from becoming entangled and often struggle to free themselves leading to cuts, scraps and it can even resulting in them drowning if they are unable to reach the surface for air.

Sea Bird with Fishing Net

Fishing Line Recycling Scheme

Every year a shocking 400 million metres of fishing line is discarded in the UK, it will take around 600 years for it to degrade. Fishing gear makes up the largest amount of plastic pollution in the ocean, and to some degree is one of the most dangerous types of pollution as it will continue to catch and kill marine wildlife as it floats throughout the ocean. 

Thank you to @ReelChange on Instagram for sharing this petition with us. They are calling on the public to ask the UK Government to introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme. They want to see the UK Government:

  1. Require material on fishing line recycling is provided whenever someone buys an EA fishing licence.

  2. Provide funding for fishing line recycling bins in local parks and other open access fisheries such as canals, rivers and sea venues. Anywhere someone can fish, there should be a recycling bin.

  3. Provide funding for recycling schemes, like the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme, so these can be expanded to assist in the recycling of line, nets and all plastics collected both in freshwater and marine environments.

This would be ground breaking for the ocean, and if they were to take it a set further and offer incentives, in a similar way to the Scottish bottle deposit scheme, the we would see even greater enthusiasm to remove this dangerous pollution from the ocean.

Sign The Petition

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1. WWF - Catching fish, not flukes and flippers: A global effort to reduce whale and dolphin bycatch

2. Drew Taylor, creator of UK Gov Petition - Introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme

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