Endangered Species Day 2020: Protect Whales

Endangered Species Day was started by the Senate back in 2006...

Encouraging people to become aware of the threats to endangered species.

You can take part from your own home, use the hashtag #EndangeredSpeciesDay and share your knowledge of endangered species found around our world. Learn about some of your favorite endangered species, whether it's the Leatherback Sea Turtle, or a Siberian Tiger. Take a few minutes to learn a little more about them.

The World's Largest Mammals are Endangered

Today, here at Ocean Helper we are focusing on the largest mammals in the world, Blue Whales, Sei Whales, Northern Atlantic Right Whales and Northern Pacific Right Whales. All are listed as endangered, meaning they are at serious risk of going extinct, making it crucial that we do everything in our power to protect them. One of the key ways that everyone can do their part is through raising awareness, learning and then educating others on endangered species.

10 Interesting Whale Facts:

If you want to learn more about Endangered Whale Species then we suggest checking out this blog post:  Endangered Whale Species And How You Can Help Them

We have compiled a fun list of interesting and cool facts about whales to help you learn a little more: 

  1. The oldest living whale is thought to be the bowhead whale, though scientists are unable to agree on their maximum lifespan. They are thought to potentially live to 200 years old, though it is worth noting that most live until the age of 60 - 90. 

  2. The best singer amongst all the whales is the male humpback whale. They have mastered a scale that spans 7 octaves, that's almost the entire range of a piano!

  3. In 2013 a whole pod of sperm whales were seen off the coast of Chile sleeping vertically with their heads just bobbing at the surface!

  4. One of whales closest living relatives is actually the hippopotamus.

  5. Whales get sunburnt too. Researchers were investigating for years why they found blisters on the backs of whales and they found that a likely cause was acute sunburn. 

  6. Some whales are known to adopt other species into their pods, for example a pod of sperm whales were found to have adopted a bottlenose dolphin that had been born with a deformity, after it was likely rejected from its own pod. Scientists still puzzle over why the whales so readily accepted it as one of their own.

  7. Whale vomit is used to make expensive perfumes. Sperm whales produce ambergris in their digestive tract which can sell for up to $20 a gram. The perfumes it is used in has been known to sell for over $11,000 per bottle!

  8. A sei whale produces 166 gallons of pee everyday!

  9. The rarest of all whales is actually an albino humpback whale named Migaloo. As far as we are aware he is the only albino, if you are interested in learning more you can follow his dedicated Twitter account here.

  10. Scientist can use ear wax to tell a whales age, as well as if they have been exposed to stresses or chemicals.

A Gift For Endangered Species Day

To celebrate endangered species day and all the valuable conservation efforts that take place to ensure the survival of those critically endangered we are offering a hand-carved whale tail necklace with all orders over $20!

Simply shop your favorite ocean inspired jewelry, accessories and fashion, when you go to checkout you will receive your free hand-carved whale tail necklace, automatically added to your order.

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