End the Torture of Lobsters

September 25th is 'National Lobster Day" generally a day dedicated to enjoying some delicious lobster and appreciating where it came from and the fishermen that caught it.

But this year we want to bring an end to the barbaric practice of boiling lobsters alive and keeping them in tanks for people to select for food. 

Lobsters feel pain

This may sound very obvious to some of you, but it is surprising how many people believe that lobsters don't feel the pain of being boiled alive. They have a complex nerve system that means they feel everything, right up until the end. Restaurants and people who enjoy lobster believe that the freshness of the lobster matters above all else, but we would disagree. Nothing justifies making a creature suffer.

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8 Interesting Facts About Lobsters

  1. Lobsters and other crustaceans have been found to get anxious. Just like humans, they will seek out a safe space and are less brave when they are feeling anxious.  

  2. As the years of a lobsters life go on they don't age or deteriorate. They maintain their youth and vitality long into their old age and are even able to regrow limbs. It is thought that lobsters are capable of living to 100 years old!

  3. Lobsters can be left clawed or right clawed or even ambidextrous! They also can locate and distinguish different foods with receptors in their legs and claws.

  4. A 1 pound female lobster will usually carry around 8000 eggs but a 9 pound female lobster will carry 100,000 eggs! For between 9 and 12 months the female lobster carries the eggs inside her, then for another 9 - 12 months they will be attached to the swimmerets, which are appendages on the abdominals of crustaceans, under her tail. From every 50,000 eggs produced by a female lobster it is expected that just 2 lobsters will survive to be legal size for catching.

  5. A lobsters blood is actually colourless, although when exposed to oxygen it will develop a blue tinge.

  6. In 2018, the government in Switzerland had a huge overhaul of their animal protection laws, which included a rule on stunning lobsters before they are killed. It also outlawed the transportation of live lobsters on ice or in icy water.

  7. Lobsters chew with their stomachs! That's right, you can find a lobsters teeth in their stomach which is located very close to their mouths. 

  8. After a lobster moults it will become ravenous and often eat it's own moulted shell which helps to replace the lost calcium needed to harden the new shell.

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Sign The Petition To Protect Lobsters

There are a number of petitions you can sign (depending on where you are in the world) set up by passionate people to the heads of their countries. Demanding that they put an end to the cruelty of boiling lobsters alive and holding them in small, cramped tanks.

Sign The Petition End The Torture of Lobsters


CANADA - Click here to sign the petition and end the torture of lobsters.

USA - Click here to sign the petition and end the torture of lobsters.

UK - Click here to sign the petition and end the torture of lobsters.

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