End Shark Finning Now! 🦈

We recently found out about a loophole in European law that allows a person to import a personal allowance of 20kg of dried shark fins into most countries in Europe. This is enough dried shark fin to make over 700 bowls of shark fin soup!

Warning, there are graphic and upsetting scenes in the video below, viewer discretion is advised.

This loophole needs to go!

Biteback, a UK based shark and marine conservation charity that we have supported in the past, has set up a petition to put an end to this loophole and ensure the survival of shark species. Here are the reasons they give as to why you should sign the petition, as if the practice of shark finning wasn't enough:

  1. Price of Shark Fins: Shark fins are a lucrative business, with 20kg of shark fins being worth up to €4,900 on the European black market. 

  2. 70 Million Sharks A Year: Did you know that each year around 70 million sharks are killed, with shark finning as a driving incentive for some fishermen to target and kill endangered shark species.

  3. Other Personal Imports: There is no other food item on the personal imports list that compares in terms of volume or value. 20kg is not an appropriate or realistic amount for personal consumption.

  4. Customs identification: The custom officials aren't in a position or qualified to tell if the shark fins being imported are potentially endangered species, such as hammerhead sharks or makos. This means they could be allowing illegal imports of critically endangered shark species.

  5. Other marine imports: Whale and dolphin meats are banned from personal imports along with seahorses and sea cucumbers, this rational should be applied to shark fins too.


End Shark Finning - Sign The Petition

Click here to sign the petition and protect sharks! 

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