End Dolphins In Captivity

Dolphins should be diving and swimming free in the open ocean.

They don't belong in a tank, being forced to perform for food.

Dolphins in Captivity

It has been estimated that at present more than 2,000 dolphins are being held in captivity around the world in various aquariums and marine parks. That's over 2,000 dolphins that don't have the freedom to travel hundreds of miles a day across the open ocean and are swimming in circles in the tanks that they call home. In captivity dolphins are forced to listen to the filtration system bouncing around the tank, as well as music and visitors. They rarely get a chance to use their echolocation in these tanks, as they are alone with no opportunities to hunt, communicate with their fellow dolphins or explore.

Is this a life you would want? Is it fair for us to treat such incredible, intelligent creatures in such a way?

Read more in depth on how captivity affects different marine mammals here.

Sign The Petition

A petition set up by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is imploring NOAA and NMFS to close the loophole in the law and to make it completely illegal to import dolphins into the United States.

Currently US Federal form OMB-No.0648-0084, a form used by NOAA and NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) allows US marine parks to import foreign dolphins that have been hunted and caught in the wild. Join the fight to #EMPTYTHETANKS and release these intelligent dolphins from captivity.

"We have all witnessed the horrors of dolphin hunting and captivity in many countries that promote this activity and we have seen the heartbreak of families being torn apart, just to support this greedy and cruel activity."

Sign the petition today, it will only take a minute!

Sign The Petition - End Captivity

Raise Awareness For Dolphins Freedom

Spend $25 or more and receive a FREE Dolphin Freedom Necklace! They are a beautiful symbol of the freedom dolphins deserve, if you believe in the #EmptyTheTanks campaign then be sure to wear this necklace with pride. Plus, this month we are donating 10% of profits to the Dolphin Project.

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