Dolphins Shouldn't Be In Petting Zoos

Dolphins Are Too Smart For Petting Pools & Jumping Through Hoops

As some of the most intelligent creatures on the planet, dolphins have been proven to be self-aware and empathetic animals, with impressive problem solving skills and a playful side. So why do we insist on forcing them to live in tanks, perform for our amusement and interact on our terms?

In the past we have called on resorts and cruises to stop supporting marine mammals in captivity, to empty the tanks and stop imprisoning animals that should be traversing miles and miles of open ocean. One step worse than keep marine mammals in captivity and forcing them to perform for crowds is making them interact with humans, some of whom may not follow the rules, and with no ability to get some space.

Dolphin Interaction

Time For Action, No More Forced Interactions

Dolphins that are held in captivity and forced to interact in petting pools are often kept hungry and given smaller portions of food to keep them coming back for more, ensuring that the visitors who have paid for their tickets get the most out of their experience. 

Not all interactions with dolphins are as gentle as they should, sometime dolphins can be injured or upset by rougher visitors and because they are stuck in the petting pool they are unable to get the space they desperately want. These situations can lead to the dolphins become distressed and even lashing out and potentially injuring a human. It is incredibly rare to hear of dolphins harming humans in the wild, in fact it is more common to hear stories of dolphins helping and even playing with humans in the wild.

Often it is argued by people working with marine mammals in captivity that they are safer in the tanks as in the wild they would be exposed to plastic pollution, however there have been cases of dolphins dying in captivity found to have plastics and coins in their stomachs, which have likely fallen into the pools and tanks from visitors. 

"Unfortunately for dolphins, their facial structure makes it appear like they are always smiling. This helps dolphinariums convince the public that their dolphins are always happy. Little do their paying customers know that dolphins can't control that appearance and, as we've seen in Taiji, even in death that false smile remains.⁠
Please pledge to NOT buy a ticket to a dolphin show and if you already have, tag a friend below and encourage them to take it, too!⁠"

- @dolphin_project

How would you like to be kept in a small enclosure and forced to interact with humans? Not on your own terms, only when the park owners need you to, once they have sold their tickets and profited off you. The Dolphin Project have set up a petition for congress to get all dolphin petting pool closed, to end the cruel and unfair treatment of dolphins in these facilities. 

Free Dolphins From Petting Pools

Sign the petition to free dolphins from petting pools...

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