Dolphin Awareness Month

March is Dolphin Awareness Month!

This month we shine a spotlight on Vaquita who are Critically Endangered

Dolphin Awareness Month

The month of March is all about Dolphin Awareness! So our focus this month will largely be on dolphins, awareness and learning more about these amazing, intelligent creatures. You can celebrate too by learning about dolphins, spreading awareness, getting out on the ocean to see some of these amazing animals in the natural, free environment!

Here are 7 interesting facts about dolphins that you may not have know:

  1. Dolphins have around 100 teeth, but they don't use them to eat their food, instead they use them to catch and trap their prey before swallowing them whole.

  2. When they hunt they actually blow bubbles! This herds the fish to the surface making them easy to catch.

  3. Dolphins are one of the only mammal that gives birth to its calves tail first, it is thought that this is to prevent the calf from drowning. 

  4. In Ancient Greece it was considered sacrilegious to kill a dolphin and the act was punishable by death! They considered the dolphin as sacred fish.

  5. Dolphins aren't only found in the oceans, they can be found in freshwater too! There are 36 species of dolphin found throughout the world's ocean and 5 species of freshwater dolphins, 4 of which live in the Amazon River.

  6. The oldest dolphin to have been studied was the bottlenose dolphin named Nicklo who researchers knew from birth and photographed at age 66 in 2016. 

  7. One study in 2012 found that dolphins are able to stay awake for 15 days straight using their echolocation abilities. They manage this by simply resting half their brain at a time in a process called unihemispheric sleep. Baby dolphins won't sleep for weeks after they are born and researchers think it is to help the calf escape predators and maintain their body temperature. 

Dolphins Splashing

Dolphin Project

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project is a cause that is close to our hearts, the work they do is fantastic. The founder of the Dolphin Project is Ric O'Barry, he was originally employed by the Miami Seaquarium for 10 years as a dolphin trainer. But, in the 48 years since he has fought against that very industry. He has rescued and rehabilitated dolphins around the world and exposes the horrors of dolphins hunting, slaughter and capture.

Read more on their website here and if you want to support the work they do then please consider making a donation on their website.

In March of 2020 we donated 10% of profits to the Dolphin Project to support their incredible work! Thanks to your support we were able to donate over $200 to the Dolphin Project to support the amazing campaign to #EmptyTheTank.

March 2020 The Dolphin Project


The vaquita are one of the smallest cetaceans, they are a member of the porpoise family, closely related to dolphins. They are the rarest marine mammal in our oceans with an estimated 12 left in the wild. 

Read more about vaquita over here...

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