Dolphin and Whale Annual Slaughter

Hundreds of whales and many dolphins are killed to turn the sea red.

Is it time for this slaughter to stop?

Faroe Islands Festival of Slaughter

In 2019, the Sea Shepherds found that at least 683 long finned pilot whales and 7 Atlantic white sided dolphins were killed in the Danish Faroe Islands. In 2018 there were 642 long finned pilot whales, 255 atlantic white sided dolphins and 5 northern bottlenose dolphins were killed.

See the full list of statistics here.


The people of the Faroe Islands say that this is just a natural part of life. An article in the Metro has a quote from Páll Nolsøe, a spokesperson from the ministry of foreign affairs and trade in the Faroe Islands:

"The meat and blubber of pilot whales has for centuries been – and continue to be – a valued part of the national diet in the Faroe Islands... Catches are shared largely without the exchange of money among the participants in a whale drive and the local community... Each whale provides the communities with several hundred kilos of meat and blubber – meat that otherwise had to be imported from abroad... It has long since been internationally recognised that pilot whale catches in the Faroe Islands are fully sustainable."

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According to an article from National Geographic - Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire, by Jane J. Lee -  the hunts only take place when certain conditions are met, for example the whales and dolphins must already be close to the shore and the weather conditions must be calm.

Boats act as drivers to herd and then drive pods of whales and dolphins into the bay and shallow waters of Fjords. They are then hooked by their blowholes and dragged ashore until they are immobilized. Once they are ashore a cut is then made across the top, near the blowhole to sever its head and it is thought that the creature will die quickly. The animal is then dragged up the beach along with the other dead and dying creatures.

The Sea Shepherd's founder Captain Paul Watson and chief operating officer Rob Read said "Every member of every pod is killed including pregnant mothers, juveniles and weaning babies. None are ever spared”.

Records going back to the early 1700s show that on average 838 pilot whales and 75 dolphins are hunted and killed each year. The records actually go back all the way to the late 1500s though they are less accurate, but it goes to show how long these traditions have been going on.

What is being done to protect them?

The incredible Sea Shepherd have been leading the fight against the mass slaughter of pilot whales and other dolphins in the Faroe Islands since the 1980s. Activist attend the tragic events each year to document them and do what they can to protect the marine lives that are threatened. These activists are often arrested, have their vessels confiscated and can be deported for the crime of protecting pilot whales.

Read more about their fantastic work and consider supporting them here.

Pressure is being put on the Faroe Islands by businesses and countries around the world. Cruise lines have cancelled tours until the slaughter ends, representatives from countries such as the UK, Luxembourg and Italy publicly announce their disapproval for the ongoing unnecessary deaths of these marine mammals.

Sign The Petition

Kenul Rza has set up a petition to Bárður á Steig Nielsen, the Prime Minister of Faroe Islands. Wanting to put an end to this graphic and terrible slaughter!

If you want to see an end to the annual slaughter of whales and dolphins on the shores of the faroe islands, then consider adding your name to this petition - join the 135,550 other signatures and lets see if we can get this petition to 150,000!

Sign The Petition

Click here to sign the petition today.

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