Cruises vs Coral Reefs

Jan 06, 2021
Cruises vs Coral Reefs

Reefs Need Protecting from Cruise Companies

There are a number of ways that cruise ships have a negative impact on coral reefs around the world. We know that corals are very delicate and can take thousands of years to grow, so if they are damaged or destroyed then it can take an awfully long time to regrow and repair.

Over the last few years there have been a number of stories in the media of cruise companies getting into a lot of trouble for dumping and illegally disposing of waste and sewage into the ocean. The impact of these dumps is a change to the acidification of the ocean, the chemicals discharged from cruise ships alter the ph levels and an increase in ocean acidification can cause coral bleaching from which corals may never recover. Waste and rubbish that is dumped by these irresponsible cruise companies also have an impact on the coral, as there have been studies to suggest that corals are enticed by the smell of some plastics and have shown an inclination to eat them, which in turn can causes damage and illness amongst the corals.

Coral Reefs

The cruise ships themselves can actually causes physical damage to coral reefs, as cruise ships are so large they can only dock in certain areas, which can be restrictive.

In December 2019 campaigners in the Cayman Islands had to fight against a big cruise company who wanted to dredge and redevelop the country's port to accommodate their huge ships. This development was meant to 'improve' the experience for the tourists and visitors brought in by cruise ships but would have resulted in the destruction of at least 10 acres of coral reef! 

In 2017 another cruise company came under fire after it hit an Indonesian coral reef ripping up 1,600 square meters of coral. This damage could take anywhere between 10 and 100 years to repair and for the reef to recuperate. 

Sign The Petition

Don't allow Disney Cruises & MSC cruise lines to destroy the urban reef! These cruise lines have submitted an application to the Army Corps of Engineers to remove & effectively kill 1000 ft of prime urban coral reef real estate for Berth 10.

According to Conservation Key, despite the record hot summer in Miami, the native corals on this site have shown incredible resilience to bleaching, and even appear to be more resistant to the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). The site is also one of the few places where the federally-protected ​Orbicella sp.​ stony corals are recruiting naturally at a time when their offshore populations are in severe decline. Over 125 species of fish have been documented along with a menagerie of reef invertebrates, and a multitude of manatees that are seen on a near-daily basis.

Conservation Key have set up a petition to the Army Corps of Engineers demanding that they not let Disney Cruises and MSC kill one of the last thriving coral reefs in Miami. If you want to see this urban reef protect then please take a moment to sign the petition here.

Sign The Petition - Protect The Corals

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