Ban the Spoon: Calling For Plastic Free Ice Creams

We've battled to ban plastic straws & bags, but what about plastic spoons?

Say no to the spoon this summer!

Plastic Free Ice Cream?

Many of us love to enjoy a cold, refreshing ice cream on the beach in the summertime. However, more and more frequently we are being offered plastic spoons to eat our ice cream from tubs and bowls. In an age where there is a public outcry for a reduction in single use plastics, it seems absurd.

What are the alternatives?

  • Ice cream cones! Not only do they remove the need for spoons, but also tubs which are often lined with plastic. They are a tasty, waste free alternative.

  • Wooden/ Bamboo spoons. Some ice cream parlors will offer small wooden or bamboo spoons for you to eat your ice cream with instead of plastic. These are a good, biodegradable alternative to single use plastic.

  • Reusable cutlery sets are another alternative that you can keep with you to remove the need for single use plastic cutlery.

  • Edible cutlery. There are many companies, like the one in the video above, who are working on edible cutlery, so similar to the ice cream cone, you can eat your ice cream or meal with your edible cutlery and then enjoy an extra treat at the end!

Sign the Petition

A petition has been set up by Ella, a teenager in the UK, requesting a ban on plastic ice cream spoons. Over the summer she noticed that we use a lot of plastic ice cream spoons:

"You get them when you buy an ice cream in a tub from a cafe. You get a plastic spoon in the lid of an ice cream tub when you go to a theatre. It's strange because there are plastic free alternatives, wooden spoons or metal spoons."

As we are all already aware, plastic is polluting our planet, our beaches and our oceans. 300 million tons of plastic are made every year and this is expected to double in the next few decades. It takes plastic hundreds of years to break down. There are also microplastics in almost every water source on earth. So we as a society need to make changes to our everyday lives to refuse single use plastics.

If you want to see less plastic this summer then please take a moment to sign Ella's petition and if you can, share it with friends and family.

Sign the petition - Ice cream spoons

Click Here To Sign The Petition!

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