Ocean Helper Update - August 2019

Reducing Plastic Waste - Tip of the Month!

Each month we are aiming to bring you a new and interesting tip to reduce plastic waste in your home. This month Tammi, our clean ocean campaigner, has this one for you:

Hi All,

This month I have taken the next step in my journey to reduce plastic in my kitchen. Gone is the clingfilm/ plastic wrap, instead I have invested in some beeswax wraps! 

Beeswax wraps are an awesome alternative to plastic wrap, they can be reused over and over again. Once they reach the end of their life you can throw them in the compost because they are fully biodegradable! 

They come in a range of sizes, for wrapping sandwiches, leftover, baked goods, fruit & veg and much more! To use them, simply use the warmth from your hands to mould the wrap over the food/dish you want to cover and as it cools a seal will form. 

Please note, it is not recommended to use them with raw meats, fish or pineapple.

I can't recommend this switch enough! Not only will you be protecting our oceans from plastic, but you will also be saving yourself money!

If you are ready to make the switch today then click here and add pop some Beeswax Wraps in your cart.

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage Facebook Photo Post

Surfers Against Sewage have been working with schools to go plastic free! With 1,160 schools signing up to the program, fighting single-use plastic, there have been some incredible results:

The top 5 single-use plastic items that were removed from schools this year are:

  1. FirstPlastic Bottles

  2. SecondPlastic Cups

  3. Joint Third - Plastic Straws, Milk Cartons & Cling Film

  4. Joint Forth - Plastic Cutlery & Plastic Bags

  5. FifthPlastic Plates

This means less single use plastic being littered in the playgrounds, parks, rivers and the oceans.

Surfers Against Sewage - Autumn Beach Clean 2019

They have also announced their Autumn Beach Clean! 19th - 27th October 2019

So if you are living in the UK be sure to head over to their page and sign up for a beach clean near you!

Click here to learn more & sign up.

Turtle Rescue Update

As you know every purchase made on Ocean Helper rescues a baby sea turtle, through our partnership with the Billion Baby Turtles project. 


Thanks to your support, as of August 1st 2019 we have been able to rescue 21,423 sea turtle hatchling!

Earlier this month, after we smashed our target of 20,000 baby sea turtle hatchlings saved, we announced our new goal of saving 50,000 sea turtles!

Want to help us save some more sea turtles? Check out our favorite Turtle Rescue Bracelets here, just $1 + shipping and each one sold saves an adorable baby sea turtle!

Customer Appreciation!

This month we are giving a special shoutout to Ian Wagstaff, the winner of our Ocean Helper Day Giveaway! 

Check out Ian's winning photos below.

| Ian Wagstaff - "My partners and I are avid scuba divers, we are constantly on the lookout for ocean debris. Here are a couple of shots from our weekend dive at one of our local beaches, Norah Head, NSW, Australia. Yes certainly find some interesting things!"

We love to see the work you are doing in your local communities, every little effort helps the cause!

Ian Wagstaff

Ian Wagstaff Image 

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