Arrrrr You Ready To Speak Like A Pirate

Talk Like A Pirate Day is on September 19th each year!

 This event, now celebrated internationally, all started with a couple of guys cheering each other on using pirate slang whilst playing racquetball! You can learn all about the origin story of Talk Like A Pirate Day here.

Pirate Phrases and what they mean in English:

  • All hands hoay = Everyone get on the deck

  • Avast ye = Pay attention

  • Black spot = Death threat

  • Dance the hempen jig = To hang someone

  • Dungbie = Rear end

  • Hempen halter = The noose used to hang people

  • Hornswaggle = To cheat

  • Shiver me timbers = An expression used to show shock or disbelief

  • Abaft = Back area of the boat

  • Binnacle = Where the compass is kept on board the ship

  • Cackle fruit = Chicken eggs

  • Coaming = A surface that prevented water on the deck from dripping to lower levels of the ship

  • Duffle = A sailor's belongings

  • Head = Toilet on board the ship

  • Holystone = Sandstone that was used to scrub the ships

Here is a more in depth lesson into how you can speak like a pirate:

For all yee adults out there, 'ere arrr some of the top Pick Up Lines for Pirate!

10. Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?

9. Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?

8. Come on up and see me urchins.

7. Yes, that is a hornpipe in my pocket and I am happy to see you.

6. I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.

5. Pardon me, but would ya mind if I fired me cannon through your porthole?

4. How’d you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder?

3. Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97 percent chum free.

2. Well blow me down?

And the number one pickup line for use on International Talk Like a Pirate Day is...

1. Prepare to be boarded.

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