A Mini Guide To Beach Cleans

There are few beaches around the world untouched by plastic. 

We know that many of you have already pledged to pick up plastic and litter whenever you visit the beach, but have you considered organising a beach clean?

This April we want you to get out to your nearest beach and give it a go!

Here in the UK, Surfers Against Sewage are organising their annual mass beach clean, up and down the country.

If you are based in the UK be sure to check and see what is going on near you!

Even organise your own beach clean here.

Surfers Against Sewage Spring Beach Clean

Here is our mini guide to beach cleans:

  1. Finding the beach: First of all you have to pick your beach. Whether it is your nearest beach or your favorite beach, location is very important.

  2. Picking a Time & Date: You'll want to check the tide times for the beach you are planning to clean. The Marine Conservation Society suggest that you will want to plan the event for 2 hours or more after high tide - not on an incoming tide. Based on this you can pick your date and time.

  3. Get Approval: Don't forget to find the owner beach (typically the local officials) and ask their permission. It's important you do get permission, just a quick email or phone call to the relevant department or people.

  4. Building Your Team + Get The Word Out: The next step is to gather your beach cleaning crew! Reach out to your local environmental groups and spread the word to friends and colleagues. Even drop us an email - - and let us know the details and we will be happy to promote it for you.

  5. Equipment: You should make sure that everyone wears appropriate clothing for the weather and also protective gear. Gloves should be worn when handling any materials collected. You may want to provide picking equipment or you can see if your local authorities/ recycling centre can provide any further equipment. 

  6. Health & Safety: Most importantly, volunteers must be advise not to touch/pick up any sharp objects at all (i.e. syringes, broken glass, sharp metals) or unhygienic waste, such as dog poo or sanitary towels. Check out this SAS guide to Health & Safety. 

  7. Tell Your Story: Share your success online! Post photos from the day and share stories on social media - you could inspire someone else!

Don't have time to organise a beach clean?

Check out this video all about the 2 minute beach clean challenge.


Simple, right?

Whether you want to organise your own beach clean or if you just want to commit to a 2 minute beach clean, be sure to share your experience! It's through raising awareness and actions that we can make a difference in this world!

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