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Why Is The Clean Ocean Campaign
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Message From: Nick Smith (Founder and Ocean Lover)

RE: Clean Ocean Campaign FREE Bracelet Offer


Hey Ocean Lover!

You’ll already know the Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet — and if they go, we go with them.

But did you know the most dangerous threat to the ocean is man? 

8,000,000 tons of plastic waste enters the oceans every year.

Our Clean Oceans Campaign is a growing movement of Ocean Lovers saying “no” to single-use plastics and supporting marine conservation.

For a limited time, join absolutely free and we’ll send you a Clean Ocean Campaign bracelet - worth $20!

 (All we ask is that you help us out with shipping & handling)

Clean Ocean Campaign bracelets are worn as a symbol of your commitment to join the war on single-use plastics to help protect the oceans now and for future generations.

This new limited-edition "Surf" Bracelet is manufactured from premium-strength nautical rope and comes in 6 colors to suit all tastes.

The "Surf" edition is a bold, rugged and durable bracelet, making it the ideal choice for for those that want to proudly wear their bracelet on the beach or in salt water. Making it extremely popular amongst surfers, sailors, swimmers, anglers, kayakers, extreme sports enthusiasts and beach lovers.

For those that want to get a multiple pack in assorted colors we have a choice of massively discounted deals  with FREE shipping making them a great choice for friends and family.

Help show your friends the importance of reducing plastic consumption and taking action to clean the oceans.

As always at least 10% of gross profits go towards Marine Conservation causes. To date the Clean Ocean Campaign has raised enough funds to rescue over 14,000 Sea Turtle Hatchlings thanks to the good work of The SeeTurtles Billion Baby Turtles campaign. We've also been able to donate over $12,000 to Good Causes in support of the amazing work they do in keeping the coastline, beaches and ocean clean.

So make sure to grab a bracelet for yourself today with our compliments and upgrade to a multi-pack to treat your friends and family.

Thanks as always for all the support we get from from you, our loyal customers, and the amazing action you take each day to help our fragile planet.

Wishing you a great day!


Your purchase helps support marine conservation.

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